Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happiness is a Blue Blankie

Snuggling his favorite Blue Blankie!

Before my son was born my Mom (Nana) bought my son the sweetest blue blanket. It says "Thank Heaven for Little Boys" I love this blanket! My son carries it around, hugs it, snuggles it and cannot sleep without it. When I tell him its bed time or time for a nap he grabs his blue blankie and stuffed giraffe. After he wakes up from sleeping we must bring his blankie with him. If we forget to grab it he will run back to his room and point and babble until we get it out for him. Its the sweetest thing ever!

It reminded me of how Linus from Peanuts loves his blankie. When I saw there was a movie called "Happiness is a Warm Blanket" I knew we had to see it. I did not have the chance to review one, so I purchased it with Walmart credit I earned from MyPoints.

The movie was really cute and about how Linus is forced to get rid of his blankie when he is told his Grandma is coming for a visit to take his blue blankie. I won't spoil the ended and tell you what happens to the sweet blue blankie but I will say I won't ever force my little guy to give up his blankie and neither would his Nana!

Does your child have a blankie they love?


Lesley Peck said...

My son has a blue blankie and he LOVES it. It goes everywhere he goes. If he can't find it he gets panicky. He calls it his "B".

L Howard said...

How Sweet! My son hasnt named his blankie yet. I am sure soon it will have a name. He is talking more everyday.

JulieK said...

My son has two 'lovies' one is actually just a cloth wipe!! But he loves to go to bed with it!!

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