Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sesame Street and YouTube saved the evening!

I have loved Sesame Street since I was a kid. I had a giant Elmo doll even as a teenager! Snuffy, Big Bird,
 Cookie Monster I love them all. My son loves them too. I love that he enjoys watching the characters I watched as a kid. He has had a DVD about eating your fruits and vegetables starring Elmo that if I put it on he smiles and gets ready to dance. My husband cracks up at how we dance and I sing the words to the songs to my son. He now mumbles while I sing, I know he is trying to figure out how to talk and its so cute to hear him do so. He sways with the music and jumps when the Count tells him to.

The other day my son was in an unusual mood. We have been slowly trying to ween him his binkie and its been rough. He relies on it when hes grumpy or sleepy and the other night he was both but could not get to sleep. I had my computer out so I googled elmo and youtube hoping to find something he had not seen before. I was so happy to find Sesame Street had their own YouTube account where they upload stuff to watch.

At first I was clicking on the classic vids like Elmos song and Rubber Ducky by Burt and Ernie. Then I looked in the suggestions box to the side and found singers and actors that have done a Sesame Street song. I found a few I had not seen before. (Sadly we don't get Sesame Street on our tv since the switch to high def tv). I was so happy to be able to share Sesame Street with my son using our computer. Plus its free to watch!

My son sat on my lap quietly watching the videos I was sharing with him until he heard this one. He got down and danced for a few times of watching it then climbed back onto my lap and fell asleep. It was very sweet and he fell asleep without his binkie! Thank you Sesame Street!

I found a song that is now my FAVORITE song! I wanted to share it with everyone! sings "What I Am"


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