Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mommy and Me Day!

Mommy and Me Day at Raley Field

I have always wanted to be a Mom. I knew one day I would be ready and we could have great adventures. This year when I saw on the morning news about a Mommy and Me day at the baseball park Raley Field where the River Cats play I knew we had to go. I had never been to Raley Field so I knew it would be fun to see. I love baseball and my little guy has an awesome throwing arm!

It was very exciting to be there! So many kids and their Mommies on the baseball field. There were jump houses, giant balls to roll, baseball playing and parachute fun. We did a little of everything, well at least attempted it! We got in line for the jump house since most of the kids seemed to be the same heights as my son but when I started to ask ages most kids were 2 or 3 I let him try to see if he wanted to go in but he seemed apprehensive so I let him climb down and we went over to the giant ball to play.

We were provided snacks by Raley's and Sunnyside so we had a little picnic on the baseball field. It was so nice that we were able to sit and play on a real baseball diamond! The grass was heavenly! I want grass like that in my yard. My son smiled the whole time running around, throwing his tennis ball ( I forgot to bring his baseball and glove!) I was thankful I had some sort of ball for him to throw in the diaper bag.

My son next to Dinger the mascot

He got really excited when the River Cats mascot Dinger made an appearance.  All the kids were surrounding him getting hugs, high fives and autographs. My son stood there surronded by other kids staring and in awe of this big giant Cat! He LOVES cats and I think this was to him "the cats meow!" He waited his turn patiently to get close enough to Dinger to give him a hug. He grabbed his leg and hugged it! It was the sweetest thing ever! He would have stared at and waved to the mascot all day if I let him. I told him it was other kids turn and pointed him in the direction of the baseball diamond. Hes a bit to small to get the concept of running the bases but for me it was exciting! I have played softball off and on from 5 years old until about 12. I loved it and my sister Sam and I were on the same team a few times. I have great memories with baseball and I look forward to making more fun baseball memories with my son!

Plus Mommy and Me day was free to get in, free parking and we got free goodies to eat and a Raleys Moms Panel tshirt. I am a panel member so I thought that was really cool! We are hoping to be able to watch a game this season since the ball park seems very kid friendly and has a play area for kids during the game.

Raley Field

Do you have any great Mommy and Me days in your area?


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