Friday, June 24, 2011

He Thinks Hes a Big Boy

18 months old wearing Daddy's shoes.

I am having one of the sentimental days where I can believe how big my son has gotten. Every experienced parent tells you as a new parent savor it, time flies by and they will grown up faster than you think. I thought I was and try my best to it just seems he thinks he is a big boy! He wears his Dads shoes around the house, he wants to walk around on his own places (no more insisting Mama carries him) and he wants to sit in a regular chair. The cute part is the mimicking he does. He will grab the phone and jibber jabber then yell BubBye! He always wants to use my pen and note pad (He picks up on my listing habits!) and he knows how to switch the DVDs in the DVD player and change the mode on the remote so he can see his movie, and hes only 19 months old! Who is this mini man who now tells me No and shakes his head, who carries what he wants me to buy him in the store (he had a large can of spaghetti O's, a pack of fruit snacks and a pack of cookies all in his arms at the grocery store the other day) and who no longer needs a Baba to soothe him to sleep. Where is the tiny needy baby that I used to carry around the house!

My little man at 3 months old. The flash always bugged him!



Hanan @ Lilac City Momma said...

It just kills me how much they act "grown up" at this age!!

Unknown said...

Awww So Cute!

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