Thursday, June 23, 2011

Costume Super Center Giraffe Costume Review

I have to admit I love to put my son in costumes! Its so fun to play make believe when you have the outfit to make it more real. He seems to think its fun and silly too. Even while I was pregnant with him I purchase costumes for him. His birthday is a month after Halloween and the clearance costumes were hard to resist. Thankfully I found Costume Super Center, they have reasonable prices all year long for costumes. We have a lobster, a monkey, an elf and now a GIRAFFE!

A giraffe costume is a big deal around here since my sons best friend, his stuffed animal is a giraffe. He carries that stuffed animal everywhere and can not fall asleep without him. When I showed him the Giraffe Costume she squealed. He hugged it and kissed it and when he realized it was something to put on he sat down ready to be dressed in it. Normally its like wrestling an alligator to get clothes on him but for his giraffe costume he was completely docile and loved wearing it.

Getting his costume on.

When I took him to the mirror so he could see himself he smiled so big and laughed. He carried around his stuffed giraffe and together we pretended we were giraffes grazing grass. Its is so cute to see him get lost in the moment of pretend with me. Sometimes I think I am having more fun than him though! It melts my heart to see him in a costume.

My sweet Giraffe and his best friend

I think costumes can be worn anytime of the year. Its a fun way to play make believe with your kids and with the great prices at Costume Super Store its worth it. Plus they are good costumes you can hand down to your younger children. Or even donate to a school or charity when your kids out grown them. Here in Northern California there was a pirate festival that I thought ohhh I need a costume for that. We did not make it to the festival but next year I want to go and dress up! I  found the cutest pirate costume that I would want my son to wear.

From the site only $9.99! Id love my son to wear this one!

Being the Frugal mama I am I found a bunch of great deals on many costumes. There is a Chewbacca costume for only $9.99!! While searching the site I realized they have Pet Costumes! So cute! Now all I need is matching costumes for the dog and my son!

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Playmobil Top Agents said...

No matter what they wear, kids always look cute. I love them whenever they try to imitate the real character of the costume they are wearing.

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