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Celebrating June National Dairy Month with a Picnic #SafewayDairy

Our local Safeway Store!

In my house we LOVE to shop at Safeway! I love the deals combined with BOGO and coupons. Its a frugal shoppers haven. I can remember shopping at Safeway for at least the past 16 years! My mom shopped their first when I was a teenager and its still my fav place to go. I always get my son a free cookie too, another tradition my mom started. And when you get a free cookie you always need to be sure to get some milk! 

I always have dairy products in our fridge. I never let a day go by without my son and I having a glass or two of milk. Yogurt is often our dessert and cheese always a snack. To celebrate National Dairy Month we had what I call a light and easy dairy picnic. We are not big meat eaters in our house but we do love to eat dairy products. So I thought we could enjoy our favorites at the park then have fun on the swings and slides. 

Planning for our #SafewayDairy picnic
First I planned out our meal with the sales ad and the coupons I had. I always first look at the ad from the mail or go online. Online I can also ad my Safeway coupons and personalized deals to save even more money. After we made our plan we gathered our coupons, sippy cup and my sons best friend his stuffed giraffe. Thankfully I managed to trade the cookie for the giraffe with my son. I am always afraid he will leave Gaffe as he is called somewhere and forget him!

Enjoying his free cookie while we shopped!
When we got to Safeway the first thing I did was get my son a cookie. A cookie makes sure he will sit in the cart for 15-20 minutes while I shop before he wants out. He always waves at the cookie lady and occasionally will say "To Too", it means thank you in Bubba talk! After the cookie round up I went to the dairy section to pick up the coupon booklet to see if I could find something I did not have. Sure enough there was a Daisy Sour Cream coupon that made me switch brands from my original plan. 

I love the selection of brands available at our Safeway

National Dairy Month has allowed for some awesome sales on Safeway Dairy products. The cheese we purchased Sargento was on sale and I had a coupon! I bought the 4 cheese mix for the quesadilla I had planned. We purchased Daisy Sour Cream and Oikos Greek Yogurt for my spinach dip. I love fruit and so does my son so we bought a premade cheese plate and some fruit for a cheese fruit plate. For dessert I got yogurt. I love to eat it and now my son loves it and that makes me happy! I know many kids do not like dairy products or are even allergic. I am thankful my little man can enjoy them for flavor and the nutrition. He does not like meat very much its hard to get him to even try. I want him to get protein so I love that he can get it in the dairy products he eats.

He LOVES Simply Lemonade! He kissed it when I put it in the cart!

We also purchased some other items to go along with our picnic supplies. Simply Lemonade is a favorite in our house and my son LOVES it! I bought some to drink on our picnic. He was so happy he kissed the bottle when I put it in the cart! On the day of our picnic he wanted the Simply Lemonade right then and there and grabbed it from the fridge, I saw what he was doing and grabbed it too, it hit the floor cracked open and I was only able to save half of it in another container. They need to make shatterproof bottles! We picked up some Safeway salsa, Safeway bakery bread, canned and fresh fruit, garlic, mission tortillas that I had an awesome coupon for and another brand of lemonade that was on sale and I had to buy.

Our basket full of Dairy Products!

For dessert I purchased my favorite and my sons favorite yogurt brands. I love the Activia Blueberry Cheesecake flavor. I had a coupon and it was on sale, I was jazzed about that! My son loves and I mean LOVES Yo Baby yogurt. He sticks his face and hands in it to get the last drop. The banana flavor is his favorite and of course we had a coupon for that too! With our cart full of yummy dairy food for our picnic we checked out and headed home. 

June National Dairy Month Picnic supplies

For our light and easy picnic I made Spinach Dip with bread slices, Fruit and Cheese plate, 4 Cheese Quesadilla with Salsa, Yogurt for dessert and Lemonade to drink. We don't own a microwave and have not for over 10 years, only use stainless steel pans and do not like to eat from charcoal but still managed to have a delicious fresh picnic at the park. 

Ingredients for my Spinach Dip


For the Spinach Dip I mixed sour cream, greek yogurt, and crushed garlic with Safeway brand frozen spinach. First I thawed and drained the spinach, drained thoroughly is important. Then I mixed the greek yogurt and sour cream. I put twice as much greek yogurt than sour cream and a ton of garlic. The other stuff was simple but nutritious and delicious. With a 18 month old I try to keep things simple for him to eat and me to prepare. I made him his own small part of spinach dip without the garlic so he would like it.

We had a great time at our #SafewayDairy picnic. We ate all of our favorite dairy foods and it was simple and easy to do. A picnic can be a huge event or a small simple one as long as you have your family there its a great time! I loved seeing my son sitting at the park bench like the big boy he thinks he is. He climbed down to have his second yogurt so mommy wouldn't take a bite of it. He ended up a mess but he was happy and that makes me happy! I really enjoyed eating our Safeway Dairy products while we watched dogs run in the grass, kids playing on the playground and my son eating every bite of food I gave him. He can be a picky eater but loves Dairy food! 

After we finished our yogurt I cleaned up our picnic table and we went on the slides and swings. I had a wonderful day and know we will be back at Safeway for our cookies and dairy favorites next week!

Enjoying his Yo-Baby Yogurt

There is a fun instant win game and sweepstakes in celebration of #SafewayDairy and National Dairy month you can play and enter here. The site is called Pack Your Picnic with Dairy and has recipes and info on it as well. I saw an advertisement for it in my local Safeway. We have played once a day all month and fingers crossed we win!

Pack Your Picnic with Dairy Sweeps and Instant Win Game Ad

I loved celebrating June National Dairy Month with a picnic!

What are your favorite Dairy Foods? 
Do you have a favorite food you like to take on a picnic? 
Am I the only one who always thinks of Yogi Bear while on a picnic?!? lol Called my son Boo Boo a few times just for fun!

**This project has been compensated as part of the June Dairy program for Safeway. I already love shopping at Safeway and my son and I love dairy so this was a great project to be apart of! My opinions are my own and my compensation did not effect my review.


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