Saturday, June 4, 2011

1st Birthday Bash Event for Baby L

(Baby L's 1st day in this world...smiling away)

(Baby L almost 1 year...still smiling)

One year old? Where has the time gone? Baby L is turning ONE and I swear I feel like he was just born yesterday! JJ was my 1st born and he was my practice baby...just kidding. He was the one that launched my into the wonderful world of Motherhood. I was new to the Mom gig so I felt like time was going at a good slow and steady pace. I was watching JJ and waiting for him to get big just to see the next "new" thing he was going to do. I loved JJ being a baby but didn't soak it up as much as I have with baby #2. I knew with Baby L that he was going to get big and do all of the big boy stuff soon enough, I needed to sit back and enjoy this time. It felt like the more I watch and prayed for time to slow down, the faster it went. It really has been a great 1st year with Baby L. I have loved to watch him turn into this little person who loves to do everything his big brother does, loves to eat anything he finds on the ground, LOVES animals of all kind, and loves to snuggle his Mama! He thinks that his Dad is the greatest and I know the feeling is mutual.

The first year is so important, babies look to you for the emotional stability and support that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. You are their world and for the next few years their little personalities and bodies are growing at such a rapid pace. Something I always try to remember is that you can't get the time back. Your children will never be this age again, 1 year or 16 months, or 2 years and so on. When the time is gone, what you have is memories. Keep making those memories and store them close to your heart. They will continue to grow and new stages will happen, you better not blink because you might miss something!

As hard as it is watching my baby turn a WHOLE YEAR OLD, I am so excited to plan his 1st party! The decorations, the cake, the PRESENTS!! It is all going to be awesome.

Stick around and see how we are celebrating Baby L's 1st Birthday here at the Frugal Family Tree. We have lots of great sponsors and lots of great giveaways! Keep checking in with us, we are going to be partying all month!!!!

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