Saturday, May 7, 2011

What? You havent taught him to talk yet!?!?!

The other day my husband and I were asked why we had not taught our son to talk yet. I thought it was odd he is only 17 months old! And he does talk, a bit, Mama knows what he means! We are the type of parents who are not rushing our son to do anything before he is ready. He learn to crawl on his own. Enough tummy time he figured it out when he was ready. Walking we never did the stand him up and make him practice walk. He mastered standing up on his own by pulling up on the edges of the couch. When he was ready to try taking steps he did it on his own. He now runs with a fierceness anytime he does something! I figured its best to let him go at his own pace.

Of course he says Mama, Dada, Juice, Kitty Cat, Dog and sometimes can say Bird or Horse if hes in the mood. But I have never sat him down and did the flash cards or forced learning. I read to him everyday and he points at the words and pictures and does his what I call "Bubba Talk". Hes not saying words but he is babbling tons of stuff. The "teach you baby to read" programs drive me nuts! I think kids are being pushed to grow up way to fast these days. There is so much time in life to talk, read, and all the things in life that are apart of growing up but for me I plan on letting him develop as he wants when he wants.

Whats your opinion on this topic?


Unknown said...

I also let me daughter develop as she was ready to. I don't think there is such a thing as teaching your child to talk. The more you talk to them the more they just pick it up. We have run into a little snag as my daughter who is now 30 months is behind in her Speech. She talks just not as much as other children her age and her problem lies more in communicating. I think we should give our children the room to grow and learn but also a little nudge here and there wouldn't be so bad either. Now, that My Baby Can Read software I think is just trash.

S.Greiner said...

I loved doing just basic flash card words with my little ones. Sometimes we do them while we're waiting for dinner to finish up. I just purchased some CHEAP sets at the Target dollar bin and keep them around (like in the diaper bag) when we need a little activity to keep us from going crazy.

I do not DRILL them into my kiddos head...but it is a fun learning activity and they like it.

But...he's your whatever YOU and your hubs thinks is rigt and I agree with amazey...My Baby Can Read is TRASH!

(I saw all of this as a mommy to a 2 and 3 year old as well as a communication arts teacher!)

Julie Kieras said...

I HATE the "my baby can read" programs - I am a big "tv-free" for babies advocate. I do NOT think video programs are good for babies' brain development. The flashcards might be good for certain things like colors or something but really just talking to your child in everyday life is the best way to teach them to talk. They will talk when they are ready! :) I am with you there!!

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