Saturday, May 21, 2011

What I Love About Spring

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. It really lifts my mood from the rainy gloomy days of winter. It is right before the 100 degree plus summers we have too! Its the few months I can relax outside and enjoy nature with out getting wet or fainting from the heat. We try to get in the trips to the lake and river to fish, play with the dog, and have picnics before its too hot. It means its time for festivals too. We recently went to a Strawberry Fest that was so fun!

Strawberry Festival

I love taking my camera every where we go. Before my son was born I would take nature shots and pics of the dog. Now that I have my sweet little guy I take a million pictures of him. Even on a simple evening at the park I take a bunch of pics. This Spring I want to make one of those cute Photo Books I have seen other moms have. That way I can have all the sunshine fun filled days in a book for many years to come. For those days when its so hot there’s no way we can go outside I can reminisce about the Spring time.

Sping time also means Father's Day is right around the corner! As a kid it was fun to make my Dad stuff and I cant wait until our son is big enough to draw a picture or make make a macaroni picture. We would make homemade cards which of course are adorable to Dads but I want to make one of those picture Father's Day cards for my husband. One with the cutest pic I can find of him and our son. I want to include one from last year and a recent one so he can see how much our boy has grown.! This year Father's Day is going to be special. 

Last year was my husbands first and has its own special memories linked to it but this year our son is big enough to run around and take part in the festivities. Last year I purchased my husband a Personalized Gift of a mug with a picture of him holding our son on it. He has his coffee in it every morning. My son points to the picture and says Bubba or Dada. Its sooooo sweet! This year I want to get him another one. I want the one where I can put multiple pictures on it. You can never have too many pics of your sweet little ones on a mug! Until our little guy is big enough to shop for him self and have an opinion of what he wants to get his Daddy I will do the shopping for him! So even though I have seasonal allergies that make my eyes water and sneeze like crazy I have to say the Spring time is my favorite season! Nothing compares to sunshine, the beauty of nature and the positive attitude it brings.

Using a stick to poke a tree on a nice Spring day!

What is your favorite thing about Spring? 

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