Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Need Neon Shoes!

I never understood why they made such brightly colored shoes. They are a bit too much for me, although I had my share of neon as a kid of the 80s lol. I now know why they need to make more neon shoes for kids! I always buy my son earth tones for shoes. I love brown, crazy I know but its oddly my favorite color. Maybe its the connection to chocolate!

We were at the park the other day having a great time running in the grass and picking dandelions. He was wearing his Old Navy sandals that I adore. Thankfully he has now let me put shoes on him. We had quiet the battle with shoes and socks the last few months. He likes theses ones so I try my best not to let him lose them.

He was running around by the trees when he stopped and showed his Daddy his foot. He did not have his sandal on and his foot was dirty. I gasped since I have no clue at what point the sandal came off he had been running from one end of the park to the other with my husband.

Can you see it?

I began my search looking for a brown sandal in an area full of grass with brown patches of dirt showing through. It took me about 20 minutes but I finally found it. I declared in that moment my son needs a pair of neon shoes!

It was hiding!


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