Friday, May 20, 2011

Kidlandia Personalized Products Review

When we select stuff to decorate our sons room with we want it to be fun and have some learning with it (gotta sneak in the learning where I can). When I found the Kidlandia website I thought they were so cute! It has all sorts of maps, growth charts, family trees, placemats and puzzles that can all be personalized. I am huge on personalized stuff. I think its adorable and fun. I had a hard time picking what to review simply because there was is much stuff I liked. There is all the cool characters from Toy Story, Disney Cars, Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Veggie Tales and more. You can see them all here.

Sample picture from the website. Looks cool in this room!

We selected the more traditional looking Maps. They have many to select from that you can add your own names for cities, oceans, towns and you can even add characters they provide. You can select a world map, a USA map and even a map of Manhattan NY. After you decide which map you want you can select between a poster, fine art print, canvas scroll, gallery wrapped canvas, or a vinyl wall cling. We selected a World Map Poster. I loved how it came out. My husband laughed a bit when he saw our names for the oceans instead of the real ones. We also ordered a Placemat Map of the USA. We had a ton of fun looking at it seeing all the states. I had a few oh that's over there moments, I guess I need to look at maps more! For now I hung even the placemat on the wall in my sons room. He got a little wild with it when I tried to feed him his lunch on it. He was so busy looking at it he wouldn't eat his PB&J. And when I tried to take it away so he would eat he got super mad! lol. So I put it in his room on the wall so he could look at it. Its really cute its a patchwork style of all the states.

I would recommend these as a special gift. They are cute and have a bit of learning along with it. I wish I would have gotten our Poster in the USA map too since I thought it was sooo cute! But either way I am still super happy on how it came out. The world map one is cute and even has his birthday on it as a national holiday and says hes the president!

You can find more info and contests for Kidlandia on their facebook page and twitter. Next week on the facebook page they will be having a Kidlandia Kreechur Pirate Contest that looks like it will be fun!

Did you want to order one? I cant get you a 20% off and free shipping. Leave a comment here and I will get it to you!

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