Friday, May 27, 2011

Joplin Missouri Aid Support

One of my favorite places to get a gift basket, Gourmet Gift Basket has created a giant gift basket of snacks with more than 200 small food items to donate to the Joplin Missouri Relief. They sell many of the snacks that would make you feel better if only for a moment and I am sure the people in Joplin will need it. I hope even more of my favorite companies do something similar. I am sure they need diapers and formula as well.

Oddly the day of the tornado I took my son to a park I only visit every so often. I was sitting on a park bench while my husband was taking our son on the slides and a slightly frazzled woman sat down next to me. She kept dialing on her cell phone over and over. She looked at me and I smiled at her and said hello. I could tell she needed someone to share her stress with, that's what a community is for. To just listen when someone needs to talk. She began to tell me about a frantic phone call she received a little over an hour ago from her family in Missouri, Joplin to be exact. All the way out here in California, Missouri seems a world away to me.

She told me her family called telling her they loved her and there was a huge tornado coming. Then she heard  nothing from them in over an hour. She told me about how she wished they would move here but its cheaper to live there and about how they were all having a BBQ that day at her parents house with her whole family.

She continued to keep dialing as we chatted, I don't blame her I would have been too if it was family. Finally she jumped up as I could hear someone on the phone say hello. She walked away to have her phone call and when she got back she told me they were all ok since they had been at her parents house the tornado missed them but had destroyed her sisters home. She said she was so grateful her sister and her family were not home.

I did not know how scary the situation was until I got home and watched the news. The devastation was horrible. Its baffling that nature can create such beautiful things and also be destructive. As I watched the news I wondered if any of the people being interviewed was a family memeber to the woman I spoke with at the park. As I watched the news though I did think its someones sister or mother or daughter I was seeing. I can't imagine the feeling of fear wondering if someone you love is ok .

I did not get her name, I dont know if I will ever see her again but I do know for a moment we were friends. I am greatful that I was there and was able to be a person she could talk to when she really needed it.

Here are some ways to help that you can help:
Food Bank Donations -


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