Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Bedding Zone Website Review

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I must admit I did not do enough research on products for my son's bedding. I wish I would have looked online rather than have to pick from what my local stores offered. I was a newbie to online shopping before getting pregnant. I had used eBay only to get ripped off so I was weary about shopping online. I went with basic blue for my son's baby bedding, which is cute but not memorable. I won't have those so cute pics of his nursery like I would have wanted. I guess hindsight is priceless!

While searching for places to help my sister find bedding for Baby L I found Baby Bedding Zone. I spent over an hour looking at everything thinking of what Baby L could use, what would make a cute gift and what a new baby (wishful thinking Im NOT pregnant lol) could use.

Pirate set

I found really cute baby pirate bedding. I love the whole trendiness of Pirates with the new movies coming out and the products that come along with it. Its a fun theme. Swashbucklers and Sea Captains Ahoy!!! We played the New Pirates of the Caribbean Wii game, it was a blast!

Fire Truck set

For my next baby I want to do a different color from the basic blue, pink or yellow. I am thinking Red! The site had some really cute red baby bedding. My favorites were the Fire Truck Bedding Set and the Wild West Bedding Set. Who doesn't love cowboys and fire fighters!

Monkey set

Since my favorite color is brown I had to look at all the selections for that color. My husband told me the next baby not so much brown. I am not sure about that!  My son has brown on his crib, stroller and many of his outfits. There are many selections for the brown category. I found frogs, dinosaurs, sports themes, fishing, cowboys and so much more. My favorite brown one is the Monkey set. My son has an adorable monkey costume and monkey themed clothing that I adore.

Madison Set

For the Mommies that have little girls they have some really sweet pink and black baby bedding. The two sets I liked in that category were named girls names I love too! The Madison set and Sophia set are really stylish! Both sets also had FREE Shipping. As do many of the sets on the website.

Overall I really liked the variety if their selections and the Free Shipping on many of their items. They also sell decor, kids bedding and toddler bedding. I found some great deals and one of my favorite deals was the Little Farmer Set (I have my dreams of owning a farm!) It is 50% off original price for only $74.99 and free shipping!

Little Farmer set

*This is a sponsored post. I reviewed the site and gave my honest opinion about their products.

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