Monday, April 25, 2011

You know your geting old when.....

I had a "I'm official an adult" moment on Easter! I used the phrase, "those darn teenagers" it made me laugh after I said it because I know it means I am getting old! We were having a picnic at the park for our Easter celebration. We laid out our blanket, got our picnic basket out, and got comfy. We started to notice a few teenagers with cardboard shields and swords walking in our direction. I was a bit puzzled as to what they were doing but figured they were teenagers who knows what they are up to. Slowly over the next 15 minutes more and more teenagers dressed in cardboard armor we setting up next to us on the grass field under beautiful oak trees. I told my husband I think there is going to be a battle of some sort, then the ammo arrived! There were about 30 or more teenagers gathered next to us when they all got excited at the huge crate full of eggs that a few teenagers were walking over to the group.

At that moment I declared we really need to move our picnic! We gather up all our stuff and headed to the other end of the park just in time. We looked over to where 5 minutes early we were relaxing and there was an all out battle! These teenagers were going wild having a egg fight! There were raw eggs flying through the air and splattering all over their cardboard armor. It was funny to see them having so much fun but my thoughts were, "so much food going to waste when there are hungry people", "what about the salmanola in raw eggs" and "oh their poor mothers who have to do their laundry". I knew at that moment I am official old and a party pooper! lol

The grassy field before we had to move!

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