Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why I Changed The Blog

When I first started to blog it was a little outlet for me to share coupons and shopping deals with family and friends. It was a place I could talk to myself in a sense. But when I realized the vastness of the blogger world, the influence bloggers have on me and the world around them it made me rethink what I wanted to do with this little spot on the net I created. After finding other great blogs and the women behind them I was inspired to share my voice with other moms. I have also found it to be very mentally stimulating. As a mom sometimes being at home can be isolating when your spouse is at work or with the cost of gas you can't get out as much as you would like to. I have found so many woman who I now consider my friends. We talk about our kids, great deals, laugh about things that we do as parents and share in the fun of raising kids in this wild world. As I started to do reviews and giveaways I realized that they are essential to consumers since none of us have money to waste on things we are unsure of. I know for me I read other mom bloggers reviews before I buy something. I find them to be unbiased compared to most consumer reports or big companies reviews.

Once my blog had started to grow I wanted to share the experience with my family. I have a big very loving and supportive family. I consider myself a very lucky woman to have them support anything I do and are always my cheering team. I swear if I wanted to go to clown school and join the circus they would all be the first in line at my shows and finding me great deals on extra big shoes! But my whole family lives in a separate state than my husband and I do. This can be so not cool!! With this blog it has given us all a way to connect and work together on a project we all enjoy. At first I was not sure if they wanted to do blogging with me and if they could fit it into their schedules. As time has passed they all love it just as much as I do and can see how stimulating it can be to participate in the blog-o-sphere!

My older sister and my Mom are the other two mom bloggers that have been helping me over the last few months. My sister has two little boys and we love being able to see each others kids in the posts we make. My Mom is the main book reviewer for the blog but has also done some product reviews for us. I love that they have joined me and we can all blog together. We are planning to share more of our personal journey with everyone as we raise our kids, live our daily lives and find our paths in life. I feel like all of us in the world have our story to share to help one another connect and grow.

Our new name has many meanings. First of course since we are family its the Family Tree. The frugal part has always been a fun thing. To me frugal is not another word for cheap but a way to support our shopping fun. Frugal is to use coupons, find a great sale, to pass items down to each other (this is always a reason to buy good quality products) and to be selective on what you decide to spend your hard earned money on. Something I loved as a kid and have great memories from is yard sale hopping! Its a great way to be frugal and get really great stuff. I know I have a box marked yard sale that is full of unused and hardly used stuff that I do not need but refuse to throw out. I laughed the other day when an episode of Handy Mandy told his tools "Wake up its Sunday time to go yard sailing!" What ideas do you have to be more frugal?

I know my sister and mom are going to love meeting everyone in the blog world, sharing their stories and learning from all the other great bloggers out there. So please help me welcome them and show them the same awesomeness all of you have shown me! My sister is Sam and my mom is Nana and me,  Liz!

Our new facebook fan page is
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On twitter we still have the same account we now go by @FrugalFamTree

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Samantha said...

:) I liked the bee, though LOL

L Howard said...

My beehive is still in the tree just in there amongst the branches and leaves! lol

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