Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where is your Diaper!?!

Yesterday I was having a blast playing with my little guy. We were chasing each other from his room to the living room, playing with his drum (he head butts it to make it work!) and rolling the basketball back and forth. I was so happy! He is at the point where he is running to everything and has so much energy. He wants Mama to be his side kick as he plays and I adore every second of his attention.

We took a break to have some juice and he was standing by the couch leaning on it looking so cute when he had a concern look on his face and there was pee running down his leg and the whole front of his overalls were getting soaked! I found this to be very surprising since I had just changed his diaper. I thought for a moment to myself "Did I not put a diaper back on him!?" But I realized I am not going crazy over here but he had taken it off in his room when we were playing chase. I was relieved to see it clean and still closed on one side diaper on his bedroom floor. He has been doing that a lot lately, sneaking his diaper off and kicking it out the bottom of his pants of shorts. I was just glad it was only pee!

What do you do when your little one won't keep their diaper on?

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