Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunny Days and Jet Skis

The other day it was really nice outside. I opened up all the doors and windows and let in the sunshine. My son has a mini jet ski we got him at Toys R Us and he loves riding it. My husband picked it out and its very cool! My son dances to the music it plays and drives his jet ski all over the living room. Occasionally he likes to drive over stuffed animals and giggle when they get stick under his wheels. He has a thing for his dads white hat that now has little finger prints all over it. When I opened the door up he thought it was great to ram his jet ski into the screen door over and over. Then for a moment he turned around and gave me a sweet smile through his binkie and returned to ramming the door with his jet ski. I caught this pic just after he smiled at me. I love those moments where hes in the middle of something but then turns to make sure Mama is watching him. He melts my heart with those kinda smiles when he sees that yes he does have Mamas full attention.

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