Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Birdie has turned into a Bubba!

Since my son was a tiny little newborn I have called him Birdie. He would make a sweet cute face at me like a hungry little bird. I LOVED it! Plus my husband and I both love golf so it has a double meaning for us. He is still a sweetheart but has some how turned into a "bubba". Its what we call him all the time now. I am not sure when it started. I think its his ruggedness, his big chubby feet, and his happy go lucky attitude, he has a thing with waving at everyone now its really sweet, and its the way he looks in a pair of overalls! Hes my Bubba!

The funniest part is he has called himself Bubba a several times in the last month. When he sees himself in a mirror he waves and says bubba! Yesterday he saw his reflection in the car window when we were returning from grocery shopping. He smiled really big, pointed and yelled BUBBA! So it is official he thinks hes Bubba now! I think it is really sweet and I love my Bubba!

What are some of the cute nicknames your kids or even you have had over the years?

I have an embarrassing one that involves me wearing a green shirt, dark forest green pants and green plaid shoes to school one day lol. Plus I can make an awesome ribbit sound! My son thinks its hilarious!



Julie Kieras said...

haha so cute! yeah sometimes kids outgrow our cute little nicknames huh? I call my son "Punkin" most of the time, or "love bug" or "buddy" Isn't it so exciting watching them grow up! :)

Rebecca Shockley said...

I call my daughter BOO, she reminds me of the little girl on Monsters Inc. the animated film. My nickname from my dad was Sis and I think that has to do with him being from the south. My cousin nicknamed me poop and when I graduated he called me that,uggg!

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