Friday, April 1, 2011

A Gift to Myself: Lose 30 lbs before I turn 30!

 I have started a journey today. One that will make me healthier, happier and allow me to be active with my son as he grows up. I will be 30 in a little over 3 months! When did that happen lol I feel like a teenager still. Hopefully its not because I still think like one lol. I am challenging myself to lose 30 lbs before I turn 30!!
I will post about every 2 weeks my progress and encourage you to leave me tips and advise.

I have done this weight loss battle before but not since having a child! I am of course doing this for me but for my husband and son so I can be healthy and active with them. I have been a size 10 to a size 24 but no more!!! Turning 30 is a huge deal to me. Its my point where I have to say ok, I am a mom, a wife and a member of a big family who all love me and need me. I need to pick up myself and be an adult! I want to follow my dreams and I now know what they are. My 20s were spent eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Then losing the weight just to gain it back again. I am committed to a higher purpose so no more back and forth. I am changing my habits and daily routine for me and to be an example of healthy for my son.

Today in Target we walked by the card section and at a glance I saw the 30th birthday cards. My heart raced! I know its not a big deal to most people, its still very young. But to me I thought I would be farther in life and have things figured out by now. I have learned that each decade of life it a new chance to make things better. To grow from what I have learned on the past, good and the bad! I know I can do this, I know I can eat healthy, stay in shape and be the person I want to be!

My plan is to ride an exercise bike every other day and the other days do a bit of yoga, sit ups, and light weight lifting. I am going to replace lunch with fruit smoothies, have a healthy breakfast containing no meat and dinners that have at least 3 veggies. I know I can do this and keep to it because its a healthy choice more than a weight loss choice, if that makes sense lol. Plus I have told all of you so now must do it!


Peggy said...

Good luck, losing weight is hard but now that you have put your mind to go girl.

L Howard said...

Thanks Crafty! Just rode my exercise bike and did some sit ups! Day 2 down lol a lot more to go!

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