Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Makeover Attempt

Hello Everyone! I am attempting to install some of the new logos I had made from Creative Patience for the new blog look. Please excuse the mess I may create lol. I have not attempted something like this before so it may get a little messy. But it will be worth it to have the blog a new look. We have a lot to come for the new blog and when its up and running I have a few giveaways to post. Thanks for being such great readers!!

Our new name will be Frugal Family Tree. More on why we selected that name in up coming posts!

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Julie Kieras said...

This is awesome! I love when bloggers advance their "brand" - even if it takes a new look and name, it means they are moving towards their goals. Oh but I'll probably always think of you as Coupon Queen Bee! :)

Can I suggest that you create a Facebook FAN page? A lot of sweepstakers don't necessarily want to "friend" a blog b/c then their personal information is accessible to you (I, personally, feel like I know ya, so I don't care!) :) Or maybe you've already done that, so just ignore my big nosey self! haha! :)

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