Sunday, March 20, 2011

Walmart Clearance Pajamas and A Not So Happy Superman

Only $3 for Thomas Jammies!

On Thursday we went to Walmart just to get out of the house. It has been raining and so gloomy. I browsed through the Clearance section and found so many cute pajamas at a really cheap price. In November we bought all of our winter clothes and pjs and my son wore a size 12 months. Since then he has definitely gotten taller and his pajamas do not fit. I thought I would not find any thicker pjs since the spring clothing is now out but I was lucky. I found the cutest Thomas the Train pjs for $3.00!! I was so excited because my little guy loves Thomas! I also found a pair for only $1, they had snow flakes in the design since I am sure they were from the holiday season but for $1 I bought them. 
One of the coolest finds were the Superman and Batman footed pjs for only $3 each. I was so jazzed that I found them. My husband has been wanting to get him super hero jammies but we could not find any on his size at a reasonable price. These were definitely a good find. He looks so cute in them and runs around the house so happy. I think he knows hes a super hero! 
He would not let me take them off to go to the grocery store so I just let him wear it with his coat on over them. A few noticed him and were saying "Hello Batman!" My son loved the attention and smiles and waved to the kids. He loves other kids and yells "BaBe" when he sees them. It was really cute and fun to see him soak up all the attention while we out. 
Today he is sick and has a little bit of a cough. He is wearing his Superman jammies and is a not so happy Superman. He looks so miserable being sick but smiles when he points to his pjs. I know he will get better soon and go back to the happy Superman he was last night.

Before Superman had his cold!

We also found a Toy Story 3 tshirt for $1 and a few plain tshirts. There were Tinkerbell and Dora the explorer for little girls too.
If your in Walmart anytime soon be sure to check out the clearance section and even scan a few items to see if they are cheaper. The items that were a dollar were not marked that cheap so you never know with clearance items!


Xenia said...

Oh, how cute! I hope Superman is feeling better soon! :)

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