Friday, March 4, 2011

Verbal Implications: I find them funny at times

After taking a Business Communications class in college I really started to notice the verbal implications we make in our everyday conversations. When I write it is easier to see them and I try not to do it, although I am sure I do. When we say something even its positive sometimes the implication of what we say can be viewed as negative. For instance since I have had my hair styled and highlighted I have gotten a ton of comments from people I see all the time. Last night my mother in law came over to bring us some bulk boxes of diapers, thankfully she buys him diapers once a month and I soooo appreciate it, and she commented about my hair style.
She said "You look feminine now". It was a nice comment but I thought to myself, are you implying I looked manly previously to this! It made me laugh a bit to my self followed up but my husband cracking a few jokes that I won't mention here lol. Then at the grocery store we always shop at one of the clerks who I talk to all the time said " Wow you finally got a real hair style", again I was thinking are you trying to say my hair style before this was not real.
I think of course I am being defensive and should just be thankful I look better now I just find it funny at times.  Its like if someone says "She throws good for a girl" that implies that if the person was a boy they would not be good. I did not really notice these things until I took that Business class so I am sure I will be back to my verbal implications once the lessons of the class fade lol. Thankfully one clerk at the grocery store simply said, "Your hair looks good". He was a guy, so leave it to men to be simple and to the point lol.
Have you had any funny stories where this has happened to you?

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