Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Portable Pediatrician Book Review

In today's busy world every parent needs quick, up to date health information for their child. We all know that the internet can provide plenty of this in an instant but nothing beats a good solid book that you can turn to again and again for a reliable source of that information. The Portable Pediatrician is just that book. It is filled with almost every concern a parent could have regarding their child's health. From allergies to ear infections and sleeping problems, all subjects are covered in a clear, in-depth, and interesting manor. Along with the usual illnesses and concerns of childhood, other more serious topics are discussed as well. Diabetes, childhood obesity and cancer are included as well as symptoms and treatments.

The subject of autism which now effects 1 out of 100 children is also included. Parents can learn the signs and symptoms, as well as early detection and screenings that are now available. There is a good overview of what should be covered in the monthly check up for babies and yearly check ups for older children. The overall tone of this book could be likened to a call from your friendly pediatrician. Perhaps that's because the authors are an actual family of doctors and medical professionals. They seem to understand that a parent today wants information on preventative health care and ways to treat a child's illness at home if possible. With the cost of a doctors visit getting more and more expensive becoming your child's "home doctor" is extremely valuable.

Like decades ago, this book can become your go to "Dr. Spock". Something to pull down form the shelf at 2 am when the baby is colicky or your 8 year old wakes up with mysterious stomach pains. Good advice for all parents with children of all ages.

You can buy a copy of Portable Pediatrician at Barnes & Noble and Borders.


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