Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping My Family Happy

 Happiness is what every mother wants for her family and children. My mom, a mother of 5, always said her only wish in life was for us kids to be happy. I did not really get what she meant until I had my own family. Now I say it all the time too, "I just want you to be happy!" Happiness all depends on what you want out of life. It took my entire 20s to realize what truly makes me happy, to just to have a happy family!

In our house we do many things to keep happiness flowing. For one I have a motto I say all the time "P for Positive" Its a small metal check and a useful reminder to anytime there is stress. If you can remind yourself that happiness is an action that you choose, you will find it in every situation!

Secondly in our house we know we are all individuals. We have long stopped trying to change each other and have learned to be happy with each others quirks. Working as a team in our own way to make the family happy is our goal. We give time for separate activities without stressing on one another. We even do this for our son who is only 16 months old. He loves Cats. I am allergic to them but that boy adores them! I got him a DVD and a stuffed animal and let him have his cat time. My husband has cooking. He loves to cook. He has worked as a chef and makes awesome food. He enjoys just him in the kitchen no distractions, just the ingredients and stove. Sometimes I want to cook or feel like I am contributing to the meals but its his thing he enjoys it and I have learned to just be happy I don't have to do it! For me its to blog! I need the time to connect with other moms and share my experiences or great deals. My son and husband do not particularly care about the newest fashion, baby products, cool blogger conferences or why I feel like sometimes I have no clue what I am doing in life. But the moms I connect with on the net do! Having my mom friends to chat with keeps me happy and as they say a happy mama makes for a happy family!

My son and his CAT!

My husband the Chef!

Lastly to keep us happy we have family time of course. We make sure to all hang out in the morning together. If its for breakfast at the table, a walk at the park on weekends or just playing with our son and all his toys on the floor we do it together. We do that again at the end of the day. Dinner at the table, a movie or show we all enjoy or snuggling up to read a book together. The connection at the start and finish of the day keeps us happy and able to be a family but also individuals.

One of our favorite places to go on a walk.
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