Sunday, March 13, 2011

EZ Socks Review

My son is very particular about socks. He hates to wear most of them! I get a million comments in person about why is not wearing them or oh his feet must be cold. Some people even ask him why he doesn't have them on as if he can answer. This has been going on since he was about 6 months old.

EZ Socks are for kids learning to put socks on and thankfully he thinks the pull loops are fun to mess with which actually makes him keep them on longer! He loved me pulling them on him with the little handles and I am sure as he gets bigger they will be even easier for him to put on himself. I just love that they are not as easy to take off as most of his other socks. Plus they have the bottom grippy part on the socks which is a must for my little guy.

We selected the bear socks and he kicks his little feet around when he is in his stroller and points to the cute little faces on them. Over all I really do think they are cute and very helpful for little hands to pull them on with.
They have really cute characters. It was hard to pick between the Bear, Cat, Dog or Frog ones.

For more info and for sales and coupons you can follow EZ Socks on twitter and facebook.

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