Monday, February 28, 2011

MasterCuts Hair Salon Makeover

I have always been somewhat of a tomboy. I don't wear dresses or jewelry. My usual getting ready in the morning is nothing more than chapstick and a ponytail. Well that has definitely changed!
The day started like any other day. We woke up had some coffee while we watched the local morning show. I was playing on the floor with my son and my husband commented "You look beautiful when you smile". I was a bit taken back by the comment, was he implying I do not smile enough? My reply was "I don't feel beautiful at all." We continued to watch the morning show and they were doing a surprise makeover for one of the shows producers. I commented "I would like to just look like the lady does even before the makeover!" My husband said to me "Well lets do it!" I of course tried to think of a million reasons I can't and how we cannot afford to. We have been saving for a video game from our recycling money and he told me to use it all on myself. Before I knew it we were on the way to the mall to take advantage of a sale going on at MasterCuts Hair Salon.

When I first walked in the manager Penny greeted me and was very helpful to me as I was trying to decide on what to do with myself. I have to admit I was a bit nervous trying to pick a hair cut and I always feel out of place in a beauty salon. I am a $5 just trim it a little so I can still wear a ponytail kinda girl. I was a bit embarrassed by my lack of knowledge about styles, tools, and products but Brandi who was going to be cutting my hair and the manager were super nice to me. Brandi is a new mom herself so as she did my hair we talked about babies, coupons and I told her about a few of my favorite products and rewards programs. I really do love sharing all I have learned from the blog world with other moms. I even included in her tip some coupons for free and dollars off baby products.

My Hair before the Cut and Highlights

They were teaching me by giving me tips and how to maintain my look after I left. I had "ideas" on what I did not want to do but with encouragement and knowledge the manager Penny helped me select how to get my highlights and what shape to do my eyebrows. As I watched them transform me into what my husband refers to as a movie star, he is so sweet, I was speechless. I normally have a million opinions on things but I was stunned and speechless on how I looked in the end. I always thought I did not have the ability to look like other women, I am a plain Jane is what I would say. Well not anymore!! Its odd how a makeover can make you feel a little more pep in your step and smile a little brighter.

The greatest part was that when I left the salon and walked out into the mall to find my husband and my little boy, my husband did not recognize me! It was hilarious! The look on his face was confusion at first then stunned when he realized it was me. He said he couldn't figure out that it was me but it sounded like me. We have been married almost 10 years and this is the first time I have had a colored hair style and waxed eyebrows. He starred at me the whole day and my son didn't seem to notice other than he looked at me with his lips like a fish a few times. Its his thinking face lol.

Hair After My Cut and Highlights

I LOVE my Hair!!
After I washed my hair I had to figure out how to make myself go back to what I refer to as the hot me lol so I went back to the mall to ask Brandi and what she used on my hair to make it flat and smooth. I have the worst poofy frizzy hair. Its like a wild lion mane! She showed me the products she used, thankfully they were on sale. The MasterCuts brand  is what she used on my hair. The silk drops really tamed my wild hair. I had a small budget so I opted for the conditioner and not the shampoo. But I will be getting coupons for signing up for MC perks so I will be back for my shampoo soon. Brandi even took the time to tell me how to flat iron my hair. I felt like a dork asking but I really do not know how to do my own hair to make it look good. She was so nice and didn't mind my million questions.

I am so thankful to the manager Penny and stylist Brandi for putting the heart into helping me feel better about myself. I told them I want to look like a different person when I leave and they sure did! I had a good time too. The customer service they showed me was above and beyond excellent. Anyone who lives in the greater Sacramento, CA area should definitely check out the MasterCuts in the Galleria Mall. Ask for Brandi or Penny and I am sure you will leave feeling amazing!

If you would like to find a MasterCuts in your area you can click here. They are reasonably priced and are usually having  sale or special.

Brandi or Penny
(916) 771-2219

** I was not paid or compensated for this post. Had an awesome experience and wanted to share it!


Mama K said...

Wow!! Your hair looks great!! So glad you did it :)

RambleSAHM said...

Love it! I need to do something with mine!

L Howard said...

Its wonderful to finally be brave enough for change! Im gonna be 30 in less than 6 months so I wanted to be "new" for that!

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