Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great Customer Services Makes a Company Great

I always love it when a product I enjoy is made by a company that offers great customer service. The same can also be said of a company with poor customer service and why I do not enjoy shopping there ( can I say Walmart!)

Thankfully I have more positive stories of great customer service then negative ones. I have had two really great experiences with two companies I want to share with you. I know for me sometimes if I review something or win it for free I feel like maybe I wont bring up an issue since I got it for free. But I have realized that is what companies want, feedback so they can fix problems!

Recently I had an issue with my KinderGlo so I emailed the company about it. They were so awesome about it and immediately send me a replacement light for my son. He is so cute he grabbed it and gave it a hug when I took it out of the package. He has been a bit of a mess since I had to take away his other KinderGlo. I am so glad tonight he will have his favorite light show soothing him to sleep.

The other company I had a great experience with is Milson Road. They make personalized commemorative framed gifts. I won a framed portrait gift on another mom blog and ordered one for my sons birth with a picture of him only a few days old. The commemorative portrait was wonderful. I smiled so big and almost cried tears of joy. It had a newspaper like page announcing my sons birth with personal info I had them add. It had top movies for the year, his astrological sign, political events, historical events and so much more!
Then as I was reading the historical section I gasped! On the print was a tragic event that happened on the day my son was born, it was the Jonestown suicides. I cried so much, I was so sad that my beautiful picture I planned on hanging up in honor of my son had such a sad sad event on it. 
I thought to myslef this needs to be fixed even if I received it for free. After all I would be bad advertising if I told a ton of people about my bad experience.  I emailed them and they completely understood how upset I was and told me its a random selection of what appears on the page. Thankfully they fixed it and sent me a new framed commemorative framed portrait and I am a happy mom!

I would like to encourage moms to at least email a company if you are unhappy about a product or service to not only have it fixed for you but to also help the company to improve their company.

* A note to my sister---- Have you emailed about the diapers yet lol

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