Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Einstein Baby Lullaby Discovery Kit Review

Before my son was even born I knew I wanted him to watch Baby Einstein. I read a lot about them and moms seemed to love them. The music and colorful images seem to be very entertaining. I previewed a few of them while I was pregnant and was so excited for when he could watch them. He loves the World Music and Old MacDonald DVDs and claps when he sees the trademark caterpillar and tune before the movie starts.

When our Discovery Kit arrived I was excited to see it was Baby Lullaby. My son LOVES music. The great thing about the Discovery Kits are they include a DVD, a CD and a book. I couldn't ask for more in the way of entertainment for him. He had me look at the pictures with him before I pushed start on the DVD. He saw a cat picture and shouted "CAT" this is his new favorite word. Then we watched the DVD while he held onto his book. He swayed and smiled while he watched. He really did enjoy himself. I like letting him watch it knowing he is seeing visually stimulating colors and pictures. He stared and watched until he seen CATS! He looked back at me then at the TV and yelled CAT! He pointed and made sure I noticed that he seen CATS! It was only a small part of the DVD but he was jazzed about it. When the kittens were shown up close and yawning he squealed! When the DVD was over he yelled and gestured to me to put it back on, it was so cute. 

 The second time he watched he sat on the floor with his book in one hand and his favorite stuffed giraffe. He started to get sleepy from the soothing lullaby and he curled up on his pillow pet and fell asleep. He looked so peaceful and the soft sounds of the music were soothing to me as well. While he took a nap I left the DVD playing with the music in the background while I used my computer. When he woke up we listened to the CD while we played with his drum. It was nice to have the CD playing while he pretended to be apart of the music. I know I will be using the CD for nap time to help him fall asleep or in the car when he wants to hear music.

 We have always been fans of Baby Einstein but now with the new Discovery Kits are more of a reason to buy the brand. They would make a great baby shower or birthday present for a little one. 

You can find the new Baby Einstein Discovery Kits in stores February 22, 2011 at Target, Borders, Amazon and the Baby Einstein website. You can pre-order the Baby Lullaby, Neptune's Ocean and World of Rhythm Discovery Kits on Amazon.

The Discovery Kit trailer is available to watch on YouTube.

To find out more about Baby Einstein Discovery Kits you can follow them on twitter and facebook. Often time sales and discounts are posted there.

**I received this free Discovery Kit through a LBi/Baby Einstein program. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and no other monetary compensation took place.

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Rambles of a SAHM said...

We got Baby Einstein when my son was born and it gave me many times of peace!! I always give them as baby shower gifts!!

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