Friday, January 28, 2011

A Sweet Voice

This afternoon my little guy has said the most things in one day. He has learned a few words this last month and is now understanding when to apply them. He is 14 months now and his voice is so sweet. He is very rambunctious and has the cutest laugh but now I get to hear his sweet little voice. He has said mama and dada for quite a while now but now he says it in a cute voice and with intention rather than just saying when he is upset.

I could hear him in his room saying mama mama like he was calling me to come get him but not yelling it. I went in there and he smiled so big and was snuggling his giraffe. He wanted down right away when I got him out of his crib which for him is very big boy. He normally wants to be held for like 30 minutes after he first wakes up.
He told me exactly what he wanted too. He said mama juice. After I gave him his juice he said cats, cats!! So I put on his Kitten Party DVD and he sat down juice in hand and happily watched his cats.
I was in awe of this whole scenario. He is my first child and up until this point he has been just motioning to stuff and getting frustrated. But today he is his own person. This is so weird to me, that I have a tiny person who has his own likes and dislikes and is now telling me what he wants. I will savor the memory of today and remember his sweet little voice as I am sure he will soon learn words that are more demanding and sometimes upset!


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Ember said...

So precious! Thanks for stopping by Remember Ember. I'm now a follower here too! I LOVE coupons and deals so I can't wait to read more here and get to know you!


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