Monday, January 31, 2011

Mama, Mama .......MAMA!!

Seeing this sweet face sad breaks my heart!

I have a parenting question for all the moms and grandmas out there. What do you do when you little one seems to be temporally traumatized by you simply leaving the room? These last two weeks anytime I leave the room to do something else my son runs after me yelling MAMA!! Its so sad! My husband will be in the room I leave so its not that he is alone. He will even be enjoying himself watching one of his favorite DVDs and the second he hears me get up he gets upset.
This has become quiet the issue when I have to use the bathroom. I can hear him crying "mama mama" and see his little fingers poking under the door. Its very heart breaking that he gets that upset. When I open the door to come out he is instantly ok. My husband is baffled by this too. He will pick up our son and try to calm him, but that only works for a few minutes until he remembers I am not in the room. Showering for the day has started to give me anxiety knowing my little guy is gonna freak out. I have been trying to wake up before him to shower but he always seems to hear me. He has hearing like a hawk I swear!!
Does anyone have a tip or some info to share with me to help my little guy avoid a melt down when he sees me leave the room?
Thanks in advance!!

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Anonymous said...

Okay. This probably isn't going to be your favorite piece of advice, but I let The Gremlin do this for a while. It meant he followed me into the bathroom....and the kitchen and the basement get the point. But now? Yeah...totally secure when I leave. Actually smiles and waits for me to return.

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