Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Want A Dog CD Review

This CD made me laugh. My son loved the I want a Dog song. He just learned to say "DOG" so he was yelling "DOG" when he heard the word. It was very cute.  We do have a dog and he adores her. This song would melt any dog lovers heart. It sings of floppy ears and being your best friend. I know many families cannot have a dog for many reasons, just as I cannot have a cat since I am allergic but the song is just so cute! It might make you want one! There are also so many ways you can be a dog friend! You can volunteer to walk shelter dogs, something my father in law does. Or play with a dog from a family member or friend who has one like my sister does for her sons. We can all in some way or another fulfill the pleas of kids who "Want A Dog"! A great thing about this CD is that 20% of the profits form each CD purchased will be donated to the North Shore Animal League of America.

Jamie Broza & Dusty
 Song #4 "Turn That Phone Off" was powerful to me and in a way somewhat sad that a song like this has to be made. I know it is a great message, we do need to hang up our phones. It is just sad how in the song the kids are asking mom to get off the phone and listen to them how they talk about their day and at a soccer game how a parent misses the action because they are on the phone. I remind myself sometimes with the computer too that I need to make sure I am not ignoring my son. The song is great for kids because they do need to be the ones to tell their parents to hang up the phone! This is definitely a new generation of parents that we have cell phones, the internet and music at our fingertips. This song is a good reminder to wake up and pay attention to our kids before they grow to the stage where it is "don't look at me" rather than "look what I can do!"

This CD has parts when real kids are talking and I found that part to be cute. The song "Birthday Parties Always End In Tears" made me laugh. My parents have a few birthday pictures of me in tears. For me it was because I did not want to wear a dress. The song cracked me up. This song is a reminder to keep parties simple and small! 
My son did not seem to like this CD too much. The songs didn't capture his attention as much as other CDs we have reviewed. I think maybe it is a little more big kid songs. The first song he did like and I did too.

* I received a free copy of the CD mentioned in this review from a PR company.


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