Thursday, December 2, 2010

Top 10 Items to Buy for a 1st Birthday Present

Top 10 Items to Buy for a 1st Birthday Present

After reviewing all the items for my son's 1st birthday bash event I have narrowed it down to the Top 10 items I feel are a must have to make the next year of your baby's life more pleasant for the both of you.

1. The First Years Jet Stroller
2. KinderGlo Portable Nightlight
3. CSN Stores Toy Organizer
4. Amy Adele Personalized One piece outfit
5. Little Green Books
6. Dali Decals
7. EcoUsable Water Bottles
8. Baby Prodigy DVDs
9. Kiddo Tags
10. Buddy Fruits

I want to Thank all my sponsors for my 1st Birthday Bash event and all my readers for being apart of my little piece of the world. Good Luck to everyone in the giveaways.


Mama K said...

Good job completing all your reviews!! I really liked reading about all the products! Definitely got some good ideas for my son :)

L Howard said...

Thanks I had a great time reviewing everything and learned so much in the process.

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