Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st Birthday Bash 10 Days of Giveaways Day 8: Play Time

Play Time is not just fun for my little guy but for me as well. Its my chance to be silly, free and in the moment just as my son is. I try to let him just be and allow him to explore stuff without my influence. I noticed the other day I cheered him on when he threw his football over and over, then when he did it again and I did not cheer him he looked at me funny. I thought in the moment does he enjoy football or is it my praise he wanted? This led me to think I need to let him show me what he enjoys and then praise him for that. I do not want a child who likes something to please me, I want him to like stuff that gives him joy. And if he happens to get joy from what I enjoy then we can share in that together. With that in mind I wanted to buy him gifts for his birthday that reflect what I know about my little guy's likes from what I have observed. What activity does your child enjoy that surprises you?

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Julie Kieras said...

I just saw this post - sorry i'm late but... my little guy loves to just crawl around the floor and get into trouble right now but what surprises me is how he will focus on something small, like he'll find a car/truck and then just spin the wheel on it for several minutes - totally fascinated by how it moves around! :) It's fun to watch!

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