Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sesame Street Lolly Pop Giveaway @ Momma Told Me

I found the cutest giveaway and had to share! Jenna over at Momma Told Me is hosting a giveaway for 12 Sesame Street Lolly Pops by Cake Pop Castle. You can find the giveaway here.
I would love to win these but if I don't (dare I say that!) I would love to buy the lolly pops and make a cake for them to go on for my little guys birthday! Its not for a few months but this would be a great idea. He LOVES Sesame Street! His favorite song is the "5 Fruits & Vegetables" he shrieks when he hears it!  His other is the hilarious song "Cookies are a Sometimes Food" by cookie monster.
Good Luck and Let me know if you win!

Thanks Momma Told Me!


Xenia said...

Those are TOO cute! I love the idea about putting them on a cake... although I do have to wonder if kids would be a little freaked out by biting into Elmo's head?

Eh, it's cake. I'm sure they'd get over it! :)

Maria said...

They're adorable! I was introduced to cake pops by a few years ago, she has done some really cute ones! Check out her blog if you want to see some awesome baked goods, LOL.

Anyway, I am following you back from pitchit!

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