Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Rice Cereal Review

My little guy is now eating rice cereal and its been an adventure trying to find one he enjoys eating. We tried each product for one week until we found one he liked. The first brand we tried was Earth's Best Whole Grain Rice. I thought he would love this, its organic so I really wanted him to eat this brand. I have learned very quickly he decides what he likes not me! He would eat it but made the meanest faces as he did.

The following week we tried Beech-Nut Rice Cereal. He didn't seem to even want to eat it, he just spit it back out.

The following week we tried Gerber Rice Cereal. To my amazement he loved it. He ate every bite and smiled as he did!

He has decided what he likes, so now I buy Gerber Rice Cereal when I am purchasing cereal.

Thankfully he enjoys some organic foods so that keeps me happy and he can pick his rice cereal. He loves to eat Earth's Best Apples & Blueberries and Winter Squash.

*This review was my own opinion I was not compensated or given any products for this post.

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