Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

I am always on the hunt for a good thrifted item or two, always hitting up the local shops to see what's new. The great things is during the summer time my thrifting goes up to a whole new level with yard sales! It is a whole new level of thrifting, it opens all kinds of finds and deals that people are aching to get rid of which means a steal of a deal for me!

I picked up this mid century shelf at a yard sale for only $20! It is solid wood and in perfect condition. I am going to paint it white, line it with wallpaper on the background and put it in Ashley's room. Her stuffed animals and trinkets will look great on it!

I also snagged this mint green candelabra for only $2 at a local sale! It is beautiful, solid, a little aged looking and even has some candle wax still on it, perfect!

The weekends ahead excited me, I can't wait to score that next find! I really do believe that one (wo)man's garbage is another (wo)man's treasure!!

How about you? Have you found any great yard sale treasures or scored something great second hand? Do tell!!
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