Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Do your kids ever...

fall asleep in strange situations, places or times? My children were never really "those kids", you know the ones that fall asleep in a highchair or playing on the floor? I always wanted them to be, but normally it is only in their beds, and occasionally in the car. Until lately...

Yes that is a chicken nugget in his mouth and yes he is sound asleep!

Disclaimer: We were on our way home from t-ball so we hit up the drive thru and I took the nugget out of his mouth right after I snapped this picture :)

We were on a family walk and she fell asleep in the backpack.

2nd Disclaimer: My hubby took the pack off, we snapped the picture and laid her down in her own bed. Although we did debated letting sleep peacefully while standing up :)

How about you? Do your kids fall asleep randomly? Or are they mostly bed sleepers?
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