Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knitting For Peace

When I say I am knitting for peace, I wish I were doing one of those noble deeds like making hats for new born preemies in the hospital. That is such a worthy and beautiful thing to do.

But the truth is, I knit for my own peace of mind. There is something so soothing in the repetition of knitting row after row of the same stitch. And to be really honest, I only know how to knit scarves. I think I have knitted about 50 scarves in the last few years. I have given them to all my family members but I think they have enough scarves to last several lifetimes.

But I can't stop knitting when I have things I need to work out in my head. So in the interest of my family, I have decided to learn how to knit other thinks like sock caps. Up here in the Great Northwest, one can always use a good sock cap in the winter.

I have taken out several library books with the intention of teaching myself how to knit better. Wish me luck

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