Sunday, March 18, 2012

Truck Farm and Living the Country Life Magazine

I read many magazines on various topic. Business, Parenting, Working Moms, Home Decor, Music, Cooking and more. One magazine that I enjoy reading that is outside my own life is Living the Country Life. I live in the suburbs and a farm is no where near here. But its a dream of mine to live on one and grown plants and raise animals. It might be a far fetched dream but I have a love of farm life.

While reading this months edition of Living the Country Life magazine I read a small section about a non-profit organization called Truck Farm. Truck Farm is a fleet of pick up trucks that have gardens growing in the bed of the truck. Gives a new meaning to a flower bed lol.

Truck Farm is a organization that travels with the truck bed edible gardens to community groups and schools to bring the rural experience to urban environments. They have made a film about the story of Truck Farm and you can request to host a screening of the film. They are also trying to grow their fleet of trucks to reach far beyond the New York area through donations from communities like your own. They have obtained sponsors such as Ben & Jerry and Organic Valley and every bit of money helps.

I think this is a great idea for gardening and kids. Hopefully soon they will have a truck farm near you to share with your kids.
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