Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Train Table Madness!

For Christmas my son received a Train Table from Santa. At first he was so gentle and was having a blast. I thought he would love it and oh my he does. He yells Weeee and Choo Choo. He loves the train table at Barnes & Noble and I knew this would be a great gift for him. The next day he was a bit more rough with his table and has taken the track apart. I have lost the instructions to how each piece goes to put it back together. I feel like I need an engineering degree to figure this out lol. Today I think we are now missing a piece as well. If there was a color code or a way to keep the train together better that would be awesome. For now he is using the train table to stand on and leap from! He is a wild boy! I have launched operation Train Table Madness to find the pieces, put it back together and for it to stay that way. Wish me Luck!
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