Monday, December 17, 2012

Wet Ones Sticky Situation Facebook Contest

Eating in the car, we all say we don't do it or won't allow it with our kids. Well I was one of those Moms too. But as time passed and now my son is 3 I have on occasion allowed him a little snack when we are on a long trip. Not anymore! Last time we did this is ended in a sticky and chocolaty situation!

When I go to the mall its family tradition to stop at See's Candies for a lolly pop and some chocolates. This is something my Grandma and my Mom did for me. (I know my Mom and Sisters still do this with the grandkids) well when you go to See's Candies you are also given some chocolates as a sample. This time my son managed to get two but I did not know that until we were in the car. I thought we had finished our treats and wiped up all the chocolate on my sons hands and face with our Wet Ones Wipes. We were about half way home and my son tells me I need to wash my hands. I was in the passenger seat and looked back to see he had his face, hands, coat and part of his car seat covered in chocolate!! My first thought was another sort of mess but when I asked him what is it he told me candy. The majority of it on his coat was coming out of his pocket, he had placed his extra chocolate in his pocket for later. Thankfully that reassured me it was indeed candy lol.

When I told him to hang on we gonna be home soon he panicked that he needed to wash his hands and started to flail his hands around and wiping them more on his car seat. We had to pull over to get out the Wet Ones Wipes and clean him, the car seat and take off his coat. Thankfully I had enough wipes to clean up this sticky situation. ( we keep a stash of them in the trunk and diaper bag) Next  time I will be doing a pocket sweep for hidden treasures!

What has been a Sticky Situation for you? Consider entering the Facebook Contest for Wet Ones like I have.

Wet Ones is giving us the opportunity to share all of the Sticky Situations we have found ourselves in and tips on how to deal with them through their Facebook Contest! Simply log on and share your story and tips, and you can be entered to win an iPad Mini or Six Flags Tickets! I just entered, it doesn’t take long at all, here’s the link to enter:

Sticky Situations Wet Ones Facebook Contest

Winning prizes; a brand new iPad mini and 3 sets of prize packs with tickets for 4 people to go to Six Flags. 

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Wet Ones. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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