Friday, May 4, 2012

Eat, Nap, Play

It was a  fun day and my son was exhausted. I did not get much work done, but I had a blast playing with my son all day. We played cars, read books, piled all his stuffed animals on his bed and put him in it (about 4 times in a row since he thinks its so funny), watched a movie (Elmo of course), played ball (yes just like a dog oddly he loves me to throw it then he goes and gets it lol) and  we played make believe kitchen.

He loves to play make believe. He will ask me if I am hungry and then bring me a container and tell me ok try. I pretend to eat it, share it with him and then we drink our fake coffee. He makes me laugh how he even says Ahhh Good  then tries to make him self burp. Its been while since I said ok this whole day will be about my kid. Sad but true and I need to make more days just Mommy and her side kick hanging out doing kids stuff. The bills, stress and worry can wait a day.

By the end of the day he was tired and fell asleep on the floor. His shirt he was wearing was perfect! 

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Betty Roberts said...

aaaw how cute the shirt fits well ;)

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