Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Diapering Adventures with my Baby Tumble Weed

I have to admit I do not have the diaper changing finesse that I thought I would. When my little sister was a baby it was so easy to change her diaper she patiently waited until you were done. Well my own son, OH MY! I am baffled at how wild he gets and squirmy when I change his diaper. It has been a battle in our home since he was born. I thought this will just fade he will be easier to change when he is bigger. Boy was I wrong! He is the wildest child when he needs to be changed. We call him Tumble Weed since he rolls into a ball and tries to get away then second you unfasten his diaper. Its messy, gross and frustrating at times. When he is sleepy or grumpy he tries with all his might to wiggle away during a diaper change. He scoots as fast as he can upward to get away. I have to grab him and pull him back onto the changing mat and put on his diaper as fast as I can before I get kicked. He is a wild Tumble Weed!

In public its even worse he has a fear of the changing tables they have in bathrooms. One time we were at the mall and as soon as I unfastened his diaper to change a pee diaper he grabbed the diaper from under himself and threw it. My son has the arm of a football star so it flew very far and flopped onto the floor. I was embarrassed and grossed out! Thankfully it was just pee and there was only one other family in the family changing room. They giggled a bit and I apologize that they were barely missed by a flying wet diaper.

I have talked to many other moms about does your kid do this or what would you do and not many have a solution that works and some look at me like I am nuts! We have tried many things such as dangling a toy above him to make him distracted, singing or silly faces when I am changing him and even letting him hold some wipes while I changed him. None of them lasted more than one change. He catches on easily!

I recently read about the new Huggies quick change Little Movers Slip On Diapers and I am excited to try them. I feel these might be my answer to the relief I need from wiggly wild diaper changes. They are the type of diaper that I can pull of his diaper and put on a new one quickly. I know this would make pee diapers super fast since I could change him in seconds not giving him time to wiggle away or in his case tumble away!

*I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Huggies blogging program, for a gift card worth $35. For more information on how you can participate, click here

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Linsay said...

Wow, never heard of those! Very cool! My new favorite diapering "tool" is the Bobee Diaper Organizer & Wipes Dispenser :-)

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