Friday, May 6, 2011

Barbies vs Action Figures

Being the Mother of 2 boys is sometimes a challenge when it comes to playing "guys" or action figures. I have brothers, but I also have sisters and we grew up playing barbies and dolls and house and anything else that was super girlie. Don't get me wrong we could hang with the boys, but we really loved our barbies. We played night and day and had hundreds of story lines. That was then and this in now. Now I have sons and no daughters, I am not complaining, I am just saying. :) I find it hard to relate to the way boys play with their action figures. There is no dialog (not anything we ever heard our barbies say) and all the action figures do is fight. I find myself playing with JJ and asking him if he wants to go the store or the park or dinner or something to get a story going. I look over at my husband as if to ask him if I am playing right, looking for some sort of reassurance. Most of the time I get a lowering of the head and a head nod of no try again. Darn it! In case I think my husband might be wrong, JJ lets me know that they don't want to do any of that, they just want to FIGHT.
Oh dear, I should have paid more attention to my brothers playing style and studied it hard when we were kids. It would really help with the current male to female ratio around our house.


Vanessa Scott said...

Oh my....this gives me no hope lol! I am lucky enough to have a girly daughter but I have an 18 month old boy as well. I am not looking forward to action figures. He was making car sounds while pushing his toy trucks around when he was 10 months old. How the heck do they learn those sounds so early and how the heck do they know the difference between "boy" toys and "girl" toys at that age?

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Epic said...

My son is only 10 months but his playing style already seems more aggressive and physical (more traditionally boy like)than my daughter's. I grew up with one sister 10.5 years younger than me so this is all new territory for me.
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