Friday, April 22, 2011

Three Olives Olive Oil Review

Three Olives Olive Oil is the newest product offered by The Artisanal Kitchen. The Artisanal Kitchen is a website offering gourmet foods, coffees, and other delights. Their olive oil is unique and fresh in a number of ways. All of the olives used to make the oil are grown in California. They are all grown and processed on one estate. Three different types of olives are used and blended together, creating an oil that tastes rich and fruity, yet mild and mellow. Growing the olives and making the oil all in one place, gives much more control of the quality and freshness needed to to make the best possible product. All of this careful attention to detail pays off in delivering an olive oil that is delicious in taste and flavor. Combined with a loaf of warm, crusty French bread, it makes for excellent dipping.

I used it to make a vinaigrette for a salad of spinach and fresh baby greens. I also drizzled it along with seasonings on a batch of asparagus that I roasted in the oven. Each time I've used Three Olives, I have been very pleased. It definitely has a lighter and more mellow taste than the name brand oil that I normally use.

Like many of us, I'm looking for ways in the kitchen to improve my health, and my families' too. Cutting back on butter or margarine and substituting olive oil is a good idea. Olive oil is heart healthy and may help to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Three Olives Olive Oil is a new staple in my pantry. The price is also comparable to other quality oils. I can't wait to try it on salmon or a new pasta dish. Delicious!

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