Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pretty Little Studio Flash Cards

My Vintage Baby Flash Cards from Pretty Little Studio have arrived! I ordered these flash cards when they were having a great sale. I posted about it here. I was so pleased with the customer service of the website. I had accidentally placed the wrong item in my cart and completed my order. I immediately noticed and emailed them requesting a different item for my order. They promptly emailed me back saying they would fix it and my order would arrive correctly and soon. I am very happy with how cute these little flash cards are. I have been using them with my baby. He smiles and tries to grab them of course but I have fun showing them to him. I may even use his initials to make a cute framed item for his room. You can order your very own set of flash cards here. They also have a lot of other cute items on their site like CalendarsPaper Dolls, and other scrap booking crafting items.


BrettBMartin said...

Those are adorable!! I'm following you back all sorts of ways from Pitch it :o)

Energy Rebates said...

These flash cards of preet little studio having a great sale. They also have a lot of other cute items on their site like Calendars, Paper Dolls, and much more.

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