Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday is coming....


Today is Tuesday, that means 3 days until Black Friday is here.

I have to admit I have never done a "Black Friday" shopping trip. I always felt like it wasn't worth it to me. If I had to choose saving a little bit of money or sleep, I pick sleep for sure! I do have three small children I have to tend to all day and NEED my sleep for that :)

I have also hear all of these horror stories of being pushed, yelled at or worse trampled trying to get into a store for the "must have item" of the year. Really people it is just a Furby!

It really just didn't seem like saving a little bit of money was ever worth it. But I also see that smaller stores are starting to have the same great sales as the chain stores and maybe those are worth heading out to at the crack of dawn....or maybe not?!

What about you? Do you shop the Black Friday deals? Is it as crazy as they say? Should I even bother?
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