Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fishing in the Desert?

Living in Cali I am surrounded by places to go fishing. We have the ocean, rivers, lakes and ponds to select from. I love fishing. Its a great way to unplug and get lost in nature for a while. We never really catch anything worth keeping, we catch and release. But the fun part is hanging out near the water and the fun fishing stuff you can buy. Yes as a woman I turn fishing into shopping lol.

I have always wanted to visit one of the big Bass Pro Shops in person. The ones here is CA are too far to just go there to see. I was so surprised when I saw a Bass Pro Shop in Las Vegas. We were driving down the freeway from the airport and there it was. I declared we have to go there! Thankfully other family members wanted to go and we were able to go the next day.

It was such a cool store full of boats, fishing stuff, awesome displays, clothing and so much more. Even a waterfall and a stuffed giraffe!

This made me think of my son, who LOVES giraffes

Oddly though I thought to myself I cant find a Bass Pro Shop in Nor Cali but I can find one in the desert?!?! Where is the closest place to go Bass Fishing in Vegas? lol

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