Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No, I'm not getting a Tattoo!

I was walking around Seattle last week with two of my daughters when we came across this sign. I thought the colors were beautiful and it certainly stood out in the very gray day we were having. We joked about getting mother/daughter tattoos, or maybe even Frugal Family Tree ones.

But I am far too conservative to ever get a tattoo. And if I didn't do it when I was young , I'm sure not going to do it now. But lots of peoples are getting tattoos later in life. Really late in life! People are doing it for all sorts of reasons, too.

I have heard of getting a tattoo of your loved one's face after they have passed on. Or best girlfriends all getting one when they turn fifty. Or of a beloved pet, be a it a cat, a dog, or a parrot. What ever makes you happy I guess! Contrary to what the sign says, it would definitely not be a "super genius" idea for me!
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