Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Locked Out!

Tonight as I went in the garage to toss a load of laundry in the garage I was locked out by my son. He is only two so he did not mean to, he was messing with the door on the other side like he usually does trying to open it. I tend to close it all the way so he wont come out there but sometimes he is my little helper and I let him. It was really cold outside so I closed it all the way, pulling to double check it was shut.

I could hear my son asking for the dog so I went to open the door so he could give her a hug goodnight. My heart sank when the door would not open! I knocked on the door hoping my husband would hear me but he had already gone to our room at the back of the house to brush his teeth.

I asked my son if he could turn the handle to let mama in and he started to cry. I was so sad for him that he was scared. I knocked some more but I just started the dishwasher in the kitchen so there was no way my husband was going to be able to hear my knocks. I then asked my son to go get Daddy and he cried more saying Mama Mama!

To make it more no fun I had just taken off my sweat pants and put them into the washer so I was standing in the garage in a pajama gown and socks! I thought ok I am going to have to go into the back yard to knock on the window in the room to get my husband to know I was outside, but would I scare the you know what out of him.

My dog came into the garage to see what all the noise was and then I realized she was going to be my plan. I knocked on the garage door again and at this point I was yelling for my husband and it just made my son cry more. My husband did not hear me since he had been in the back of the house with the water running and the noise of the dishwasher. Finally after get the dog all worked up asking her who is it while I knocked on the door she started to bark loudly. She ran into the back yard and was barking like crazy.

Finally my I could hear my husband calming our son and then he opened the door. My poor little guy was so sad that he accidentally locked me out. It kinda freaked me out about what would I have done if we were home alone and this happened. I now grab my key to do laundry and when I take out the trash just in case it happens again.
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